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What is Virgin Hair?

  1. What is Virgin Hair?Virgin hair refers to hair that is cut directly from the donor's head, retaining its original cuticles without undergoing any chemical processing. It is solely cleansed with water before being crafted into wefts. This type of hair can be dyed into various colors. Due to its natural and healthy qualities, the demand for virgin hair has been rising steadily, particularly in North American and African markets.

  2. Identifying Human Hair: Human hair possesses natural protein, and you can easily distinguish it through a burning and smell test. When burned, human hair produces white smoke and emits a scent similar to burnt wool, ultimately turning into ash.

  3. Choosing Between Straight Hair and Curly Hair: Your selection between straight and curly hair depends on your preference.

  4. Wig Combining Techniques: To comb your wig, use your fingers to gently untangle the hair. It is not necessary to comb it every day; keeping it free and natural will maintain its appearance.

  5. Maintaining the Wig's Shape: After returning home from work or school, it is advisable to remove the wig and place it on a wig stand. This helps preserve its shape and prevents tangling or messiness while sleeping.

  6. Drying the Wig: After washing your wig, refrain from wearing it immediately. Allow it to air dry on a wig stand to prevent tangling and messiness that can occur if worn while wet.

  7. Wig Care Frequency: You can condition your wig every couple of weeks to maintain its shine and softness. However, it is essential not to overdo this process, as frequent conditioning or washing can lead to build-up and reduce the wig's realistic appearance and longevity. It is recommended to wash your wig after wearing it approximately 25 times.



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