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Frequently Asked Questions

Length Guide

Hair length differs from straight hair, wavy and a tight curl. The guide below shows the difference in length of straight hair and a deep curly hair which appears to be shorter.


How to wear a wig?

  1. Start by prepping your hair and flattening it under a wig cap.

  2. To the wig cap, add a powder that suits your skin tone optional step.

  3. Starting from the front, put the wig on your head.

  4. Determine and change the wig accordingly to what kind of part you want.

  5. Place the wig on your head starting with the front and adjust it accordingly.

  6. Cut the lace starting with middle and working to the sides in a bent motion.

  7. Secure the bands on the wig and if necessary glue down your wig-optional.

  8. Lay down the baby hair using gel-optional.

  9. Good to go for the day.


Wig maintenance

Use only hair care products designed for human hair wigs. Do not use standard hair care products from the drugstore. The chemicals they contain can decrease the lifespan of your wig. Invest in quality products to maintain your wig.

Can I colour the hair?

Genuine Virgin Hair, can be lifted, bleached, dyed, colored with semi or permanent color, etc. However, as this is natural hair, it can damage just as easily as your own hair once chemicals are applied, so proceed at your own risk or choose your hair professional wisely.


The density of the hair ranges to from 130% to 250%. About the density, some customers think 130 density is thick ,but some customers think 180 density still thin.