Are websites with PayPal safe ? 

Yes, we're keeping all of your details safe. The seller will not receive confidential financial details like your credit card or bank account number when you submit a payment using PayPal. In addition, if you have a problem, PayPal Purchase Insurance protects the buyer when you pay with PayPal on any website.

PayPal is our preferred payment method we put our buyers trust first and all your information is protected along with any transactions with us.

Shop safely and securely on our website with PayPal and no account is needed.

Debit/Credit cards are accepted with PayPal with no account.

If there is any problem PayPal protects all the buyers.

We sell only 100% human hair and for UAE orders we do cash on delivery for in-stock products.

Our return policy is 7 days without any tampering of the wig.

Do not cut the lace on the wig if you are returning a wig.

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